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Wondering What Is SCADA All About?

A SCADA system, or supervisory control and data acquisition system, allows the user to control industrial processes that exist in real world applications.

The user is able to do this remotely, and in some cases, from different mobile devices depending on the SCADA set-up.

A quality SCADA system is crucial to the effective operation of any business. They should be able to integrate, access information by approved users, communicate effectively and should offer real time data for the firm and the operator.

what is scada

What Is SCADA and It’s Benefits

SCADA systems have been known to distinguish themselves historically from other ICS systems by how large a scale they encompass and can include large distances and multiple sites. The processes can involve facility-based, industrial, or infrastructure based processes.

What is SCADA Used For

A SCADA system can be incredibly simple like a system that runs a small building to a SCADA system that runs an entire oil refinery plant. An efficient SCADA system can show you things that you may not have otherwise considered and can add millions to your bottom line.

  • Facility-based processes - this occurs both in public and private, including buildings, ships, airports, and space stations. Everything from HVAC to access to energy consumption is monitored.
  • Infrastructure based processes - this may be public or private and can include anything from manufacturing, production, water treatment and distribution, oil and gas pipelining, wind farms, and even large communication systems.
  • Industrial based process - this is largely  based in manufacturing of products, refining, power generation and fabrication.

3 Key Elements

A SCADA system is made up of three key elements: various Remote Telemetry Units (RTU’s), a Human Machine Interface, or HMI, and proper communications. RTU’s are responsible for collecting information on site and the communications deliver that information to the different plant of regional RTU sites to the central location.

It also returns instructions to the RTU when necessary. The HMI displays information in an easy to understand graphic form, transmits alarms, permits operator control, and archives all of the pertinent information. Communication is core of the process and is done via fiber optics or data cables.

SCADA systems have gained popularity with municipalities since they reduce labor costs, cuts down on collecting important data, and trends all information for convenience and ease of use.

We hope you found this information helpful, if you need further advice, help or consultation on using SCADA please contact us

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