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Real Time Programming

real time programming

Real Time Programming, which is also commonly referred to as real time computing or reactive computing, is the study of computer programs that adhere to real time constraints. The real time systems are divided by what the consequence of missing their deadline. The classifications are as follows:

  • Soft Classification- Usefulness of a result degrades after the deadline, and simply lowers the grade of the system’s service quality.
  • Firm Classification- SOME deadline misses are tolerable, but the systems service grade will lower. If the deadline is not met, than the system cannot use the result at all.
  • Hard Classification- If the system misses a deadline; there will be a total system failure. It is of absolute importance that this system makes all of its deadlines. 

Because of the rigidity of some of the timelines for these programs, such as the hard classification, it does not have the flexibility to meet other deadlines like the soft classification does.

The flexibility the soft classification that gives it the ability to meet a certain subset of deadlines which allows the overall system to work at an optimized and more efficient level. The priority here is to simply minimize the tardiness of tasks and maximize the number of priority one tasks to meet its deadlines.

Conversely, the hard classification does not have any wiggle room. Some examples of a hard
real time programming system would be an engine and transmission in a car or a pacemaker in a heart patient.

It is imperative that the engine receives an immediate response from the transmission so that the vehicle does not behave abnormally. Furthermore, it is also important or that the heart patient receives the correct electrodes so that their heart will continue to function in the manner in which it is supposed to.

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Contact us when you are ready to employ our systems and languages and a technician will be more than happy to set up your system to curtail to your requirements.  You may also want to find out more on the subject of:

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