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Real Time Embedded System

Real time embedded systems are used primarily and designed for specific control function and generally reside in a larger system. They are generally programmed to handle a specific task, or small group of tasks.

As a result, engineers who put together the systems can focus on making the systems as efficient and cost effective as possible, while increasing the reliability and performance of the system at the same time.

real-time embedded system

Embedded systems are everywhere in your life. They are in the stop lights that govern the flow of traffic, the digital watches that you may buy a friend or loved one and the MP3 players that are used by millions.

A real time embedded system can be as simple and contain only a single component or can be very complex with several components within the system. These systems run off of firmware, which is the software that resides on the flash memory chips that allow the system to run properly.

Used Within a System or Standalone Device

Embedded systems have the ability to operate either within a system or as a standalone device. They are often times designed with a specific task in mind and vary in the range of performance restraints depending on usability.

Costs go up and down depending on the complexity of the embedded system. For our purposes, we are focusing on using a real time embedded system, which gives the system a performance constraint. This particular system may be a bit more costly since the task that it is required to do is under time scrutiny.

There are essentially two different types of processors (a relatively broad category) for the embedded system:

  • Ordinary Microprocessors- this processor uses separate integrated circuits for its peripherals and memory.
  • Microcontrollers- this particular processor is a simpler version, which means it is less costly and also does not have as much power output, despite more peripherals.

Our Expertise and Knowledge At Your Fingertips

We can supply you with your embedded processors and assist you in staying within your project budget. We have been in the industry for many years and have a reputation of high quality products and an excellent customer service record.

Our clients have been pleased with our professionalism and prompt response to issues that may arise during the course of the day. Please let us know if we can help you with your real time system needs; contact us today in the strictest confidence

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