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Mechatronics oriented tools and technologies allow for improvement of machine development.

It merges a number of different elements including mechanical, electrical, control, and embedded software design to help integrate all of the best possible development practices and technologies.

This type of machine is multi-layered and consists of design software, local HMI and enterprise, FPGA, an embedded controller, I/O hardware, sensors and actuators, and machine mechanicals.


When applying all of the above in tandem, the client and the firm are given the proper tools to work together on any particular design by giving the designers flexible tools to design the appropriate machine, and the client the ability to see prototypes before any machine is built. 

The tools on offer have been used by teams of engineers from differing backgrounds and disciplines in silos and sequential development. The decisions of different project designs have always been made independently, making any given project take a longer amount of time than was required.

This of course resulted in extended project times and higher job costs. With this new technology, the teams can now work together to streamline the design that the project calls for, which reduces projected project time and cuts costs.

With this new found ability to collaborate, the teams can work in parallel to design, prototype, and deploy. Developing the virtual prototype for the project gives the team a great advantage; they are able to see the project before and analyze the critical aspects of the machine before it is ever even built.

Key Benefits

There are also a few other key benefits for the use of the tools that Mechatronics has to offer. There is a greater degree of innovation by all team members involved. This helps the customer realize the differing possibilities for their project. Also, there is a greater degree of communication with the customer and the design team.

Last of all, the emphasis must be placed heavily on the efficiency and cost that these tools have to offer. Faster design prototyping and deployment of machines at a lower project cost would be mutually beneficial not only to the client, but also beneficial to the firm completing the project.

In conclusion, the use of these tools assists the firms and clients alike to produce a quality project without sacrificing time and staying within the parameters of their project budget. Its innovative final product, process of construction, tools to allow ease of communication between client and firm, and low job cost make it an attractive option for any scientist or engineer alike.

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