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 LabVIEW FPGA Module


Upon the introduction of the LabVIEW FPGA module to the project line, there was an immediate reason it proved so beneficial to our company and it was the obvious choice for providing custom resources. Upon its initial introduction, VBHDL was the only option and was only usable by those with a deep comprehension of the digital hardware design.

As time went on, the FPGHA was able to be programmed using circuit design packages, which allowed higher levels of abstraction to greatly simplify the process of generating the proper FPGA code.

Unfamiliar With Complex Languages

Most engineers or scientists are not familiar with the complex languages or they lack the design knowledge needed to use the tools that enable superior design productivity. The LabVIEW FPGA embedded module enabled a much wider range of professionals to take hold of the flexibility of its design, changing the rules of FPGA programming and revolutionizing the way engineers and scientists complete tasks on a daily basis. It delivered all of these new technologies in a graphical block diagram format, which translated directly into the digital hardware circuitry.

Works Well for FPGA Programming

This module works well for the FPGA programming; it easily demonstrates the data flow and parallelism. This allows all of its users to apply the power of reconfiguration to hardware.

Through the use of this innovation, it has enabled leading aerospace firms the ability to reduce costs and has also greatly reduced development time. By using it as an interchangeable resource, this has also reduced the amount of required hardware. Using NI hardware, FPGA products restricted some of FPGA's resources as some of it was configured to modular I/O.

The embedded module enabled faster design than previous versions with the VHDL and enabled quick development of ideas and has allowed for an expansive amount of production amongst the different professions. This new Lab-VIEW FPGA will quickly become the standard in the diverse industries that it will affect.

In conclusion, the newly updated version will give you a more fluid workspace with its array of tools that it has to offer its users. Furthermore, its user friendly interface will help those experience users, as well as inexperienced, to navigate the use of this new software while producing a professional and effective product for all involved.

We hope you found this information helpful, if you need further information our staff can guide you and your project to where it needs to be. We have completed many projects within project deadlines and can advise you accordingly - so for specialist assistance please contact us - alternatively do view our other related pages below on:

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