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Labview FPGA Embedded

I started using the Labview FPGA embedded module when it was first introduced to the project line. Having used FPGA s previously it was an obvious choice for providing custom resource. When I first started using FPGA VHDL was the only option and was only useable by those with a deep understanding of digital hardware design.

As time went on the FPGA was able to be programmed using circuit design packages which made things easier giving a higher level of abstraction to greatly simplify the process of generating FPGA code. 

Many engineers and scientists are either not familiar with the complex languages or design knowledge to use the tools that enables faster design productivity. The Labview embedded module, enabled a wider range of professionals to take hold of the flexibility of its design changing the rules of FPGA programming.

fpga embedded

It delivered these new technologies in a graphical block diagram format which translated directly into the digital hardware circuitry. This module is well suited for FPGA programming because it clearly represents parallelism and data flow, so users who are both experienced and inexperienced in traditional FPGA design can productively apply the power of reconfigurable hardware.

Through the use of this innovation has enabled leading aerospace the ability to reduce costs and development time. By using it as an interchangeable resource it reduced the amount of required hardware.

LabVIEW FPGA embedded RIO

With my first experience of this I found that using the NI hardware FPGA products restricted some of the FPGA resources as some of it was configured to modular I/O the Labview FPGA embedded module enabled faster design then previous experience with VHDL and enabled quick development of ideas.

Today the FPA offering from National Instruments has truly grown and evolved. The software has been configured to easily interface directly with a number of FPGAs directly such as the Blackfin processer and the RIO range has made it even more accessible.

When designing the RIO NI aim was to give students access to the same industry-grade technology they would see upon graduation. To be honest it is so much more than that it has given a ready made of the shelf FPGA that means you can get up and running very quickly with hardware that is ready to go. Using this integrated hardware and software platform , you can simplify system development across a variety of industries and applications.

To learn more about the NI RIO take a look at their video

Alternatively if you would like some help allow us to put together the correct system for your application and help save your project time and costs. Contact us today in the strictest confidence to discuss your project needs.

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