Specialists in Aerospace Safety, Control and Automation Systems.
On average- WE Have Helped our clients reduce their manufacturing time by 50%

our team of experts cAN hELP YOU

All of our Test and Measurement Experts have acquired comprehensive expertise in establishing, developing and operating advanced test systems and have specialised knowledge on the following testing procedures:

DEsign for test

Also known as Design for testability or DFT this is an important design aspect that adds features to make it easier to develop and apply manufacturing tests for the designed hardware.

The purpose of manufacturing tests is to validate that the product hardware contains no MANUFACTURING defects that could, otherwise, adversely affect the product’s correct functioning.


We’re able to design extremely high yield mixed-signal testing circuits for complex systems. We use all of the expected levels and protocols of instrumentation such as GPIB, PXI and LAN.

In-the-loop Testing:

With the use of FPGA technology we’re able to fully test all your hardware in environments that mimic real-life working conditions as closely as possible.

With our experience and expertise, we can help you increase your ability to perform advanced tests and show you how to utilise your test resources in a more efficient and reliable way.

We are able to work with you right from the moment of conception of a product leading you through the process of considering test and measurement automation within your design.

We work in partnership with you identifying areas for improvement within your processes. We take time to understand how you work and what the best solution is for you, ensuring a smooth transition to the automated systems through consulting with all levels of your company.

We develop and follow a clear documentation path covering both hardware and software allowing for the systems to be easily qualified and proven within the most demanding environments.

For more information about our testing and what we offer or call us today on 0208 798 0491 and we can talk you through how you can increase the reliability and efficiency of your test resources.

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