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Control and Automation

Control and automation is a series of control systems, machines, and Information Technology to enhance the flow of productivity in the production of goods and services.

This not only increases output, but it helps to improve accuracy and quality during production of such products.

There are varying degrees in which to apply this theory, i.e. mechanization allows humans to lift large loads of product, whereas automation allows the user to be virtually taken completely out of the picture eliminating the possibility of human error.

control and automation


On the plus side control & automation have the ability to:

  • Increase the quality and productivity on any given product.
  • Allows the product to remain consistent throughout its manufacture
  • Can replace human labor that can be labor intensive or boring to the worker
  • Has the capability to perform tasks that may be out of reach of human physical grasp, such as size, weight, consistency, endurance, speed.
  • Increase your bottom line through reduced costs of production and enhanced efficiency in manufacture.


Now on the flip side of that coin control and automation have some fall-backs, like anything else, that should be considered by any company that may be in the market to implement such a system.

  • Unpredictable, and often times, exorbitant initial startup costs although this may be offset over time by the mass production of products.
  • Difficulty in adapting manual processes to take advantage of automation
  • Negative human costs as robotic and automated machinery can possibly cause workers to lose employment.

Usually that last factor is of prime importance; there is the long standing argument that automation systems have taken over the need for human labor, cutting down on jobs.

However, it is hard to argue with the degree of output and accuracy that a given system can produce. We offer all sorts of systems that can help improve output in your business and give you an edge in your daily workday.

We can set you up and customize your system to your specification, as to avoid any superfluousness in your setup. We have many years of the right experience in this field, and have satisfied customers through meeting deadlines, budgets big and small, and have used our experience to solve problems on the fly. Consider us when you decide to implement your project

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