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Aerospace Technology

aerospace technology

In recent years there has been a definite shift in aerospace technology, leading to a focus on provision of clean, reliable and affordable energy and transport systems.

As a reaction to an ever-increasing demand for product performance enhancement, the manufacturing tolerances connected with components become gradually more difficult to achieve. As a result, the ability to measure geometric features as precisely as possible becomes increasingly important.

Long established methods of measurement using manual gauging are now being substituted with high-speed automated measurement machines. This use of automation and robotic technology is sharpening the competitive edge for leading aerospace tech companies.

The investment into these new innovations helps safeguard and strengthen a company’s future in the global market place.

Removing highly skilled manual tasks paves the way for greater manufacturing yields. Using high-tech robotics for ultra-precise operations such as protective coating of safety critical flight systems gives improvements in time scales and productivity. These are operations that previously have been carried out by highly skilled technicians who are now able to focus their skill on other areas thus increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

Ensuring a smooth transition to the automated systems is a key element of success for many manufactures; this involves an understanding of the manual process and being able to qualify the new method with ease. To enable this clear documentation path is required, especially in the areas of production test where traceability is paramount.

As well as the increased demand for higher tolerance parts there is a demand for aerospace and technology performance improvements to give great economy and efficacy. Which in turn leads to an increase in the number of sensors used within an aerospace control system, this in turn impacts the manufacturing equipment used to ensure the control systems functionality.

Despite this increase in complexity the drive for reduced cost results in a demand to complete the design cycle in a much quicker time period and test the product with in a smaller time frame. By using proven systems, leading aerospace technology companies are changing their whole method of production and testing, giving a quicker and more steam lined approach.

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