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Aerospace and Defense Industries

aerospace and defence

Take Advantage of Our Tools and Experience in Aerospace and Defense

We understand the need for extreme accuracy and precision in industries such as aerospace and defense, and that the government agencies who contract in these industries need to have trusted technology partners they can rely on to produce tools and equipment which will live up to these stringent standards.

As established experts managing some of the highest profile projects within Aerospace we have produced a range of systems, all devoted to testing, measuring, and controlling. We design solutions for every level, from simple laboratory testing to full-on enterprise level development. 

We can deliver in-the-loop simulation of direct hardware performance, or even engage in mixed-signal electronic testing; regardless of your needs, you will find that we have both hardware and software that is exactly suited to your purposes. 

Here are just a few of the uses our technologies are put to:

  • Production Testing – We are able to design extremely high yield mixed-signal testing circuits for complex systems. We use all of the expected levels and protocols of instrumentation; GPIB, PXI, LAN, and more. Testing has never been so easy or so thorough.
  • In-the-loop Testing – We use FPGA technology to fully test all of your hardware in environments that mimic real world working conditions as closely as possible. Our test scenarios incorporate all the required stimulation as defined in your specification with clear documentation to enable easy validation of all hardware and software.
  • Safety of flight – We are able to design full system simulation and testing necessary to achieve Safety of Flight certification.
  • Microwave Applications – Small, portable systems which leave very small footprints are commonly used for RF applications. Everything is modular and flexible in nature, and the equipment has use for both aerospace as well as defensive applications. Recording and playback signal intelligence and other features are all achievable.
  • Complete Support for Long Life Cycle Products – Taking development cycles which can stretch into the decades can be a challenge. Our systems provide for long term maintenance of projects, and include custom service agreements which are tailored to the specific life cycle of your program.

As you can see, we offer an impressive array of products and services focused around the aerospace and defense industries, and their particular needs. All forms of testing, management, and control systems that we develop or deploy are suitable for use in any environment or program, from modest research projects all the way up to major national defense contracts. Please contact us in the strictest confidence to discuss your project needs

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