Specialists in Aerospace Safety, Control and Automation Systems.
On average- WE Have Helped our clients reduce their manufacturing time by 50%

About The Test
and Measurement Team

By working closely with our customers, we understand their applications from an engineer’s point of view.

We are able to work with you right from the moment of conception of a product working with you through the process of considering test and measurement automation within your design.

Our Mission is to enable you to create excellence in your organisation through offering solutions that will help you stand head and shoulders above the rest. To offer solutions that perfectly supports you in the increasingly challenging test, automation and measurement tasks you encounter.

Performances, reliability, longevity, time to market – these among others are important criteria for evaluating the results of your design or production process.

Meet Our Key People

Sammuel Yisrael -(CEO) Operation Efficency, Safety, Control and Automation Systems Expert

Sammuel has a strong leadership, project management & business development experience with a background in high volume manufacturing, he was headhunted into Aerospace in 2005 where he has been instrumental in creating innovative manufacturing strategies to enable leading global aerospace manufactures to improve their new product introduction time to market and reduce the time of manufacturing returns.

He has a reputation amongst his clients for delivering excellence and igniting a positive, enthusiastic approach to their business.

 He uses advanced process controls to create a more streamlined approach giving improvements in their manufacturing performance saving 2% to 6% of operating costs.

 Sammuel works to improve the entire operating process using Six Sigma tools to give optimal time and cost saving solutions, giving bottom line savings between 5%-20% of turnover per annum

Pratish Gosai Product Design Specialist

Pratish brings flair and imagination in to the team with a strong background in the automotive industry where he has over sixteen years of experience in product design for driver comfort and safety systems.

He has vast experience with specialist manufacturing processes such as injection moulding (plastics and metals), extrusions and die casts. He has a passion for driving forward innovate thinking with experience of rapid prototype models using CNC machining and state of the art 3D printing techniques.

He has applied this knowledge to the aviation sector working with Europa Aircraft Ltd to design trailers for the Monowheel and Trigear kit aircrafts, focusing on ease of use and manufacturing.

Elizabeth Pattenden Quailty Consultant

Elizabeth is the UK's Leading Consultant on AS9102.

Her experience as a Supplier Quality Engineer has given her strong abilities in developing suppliers into reaching excellent quality standards and to follow compliance.

She can work with suppliers who are underperforming to gain a higher standard of product going out the door and elevating their on time deliveries of quality product. This in turn ensures that your team performs to a higher standard giving the customer a higher ROI.

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